The Zygomycota were recently abandoned as a phylogenetic group, but in the real world they still exist. They are all around us, in our homes, in our gardens. Clinically their significance is increasing, with sometimes horrifying and severely mutilating infections. Remarkably, close relatives of these agents of fatal disease are used in the food industry. It is quite essential to understand the factors determining these controversial ecologies. But then we first have to be able to recognize the species properly. Zygomycete taxonomy has been revolutionized by the application of molecular methods. This workshop is devoted to the biodiversity, systematics, phylogeny and ecology of fungi classically known as Zygomycota in its widest sense.

The workshop is organized with the cooperation of the ECMM-ISHAM on Zygomycoses. Participants will be able to present their latest research data on the many beautiful and bizarre members of these lower fungi. We hope that our workshop will bring the Zygomycetes back to where they belong: as one of the major focus areas in mycology. The direct aim of the meeting is to bring together mycologists working on various corners of the zygomycetes to share recent discoveries, to establish a communication network to discuss our mutual benefit, and to exchange material and sequences to build up overview of the Zygomycota. A special issue of the journal Persoonia is scheduled, based on a selection of the presentations, to appear in 2012. For future maintenance of our network we will try to obtain EU-sponsoring.

The workshop is organized in Utrecht, a small city in the central part of The Netherlands at only 30 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol airport which has direct connections to more than 400 cities worldwide. We plan to keep your participation free of charge; main organization costs will be carried by our sponsors that are gratefully acknowledged.



April 8-9 2013

Emerging Zygomycetes, a new problem in the clinical lab
A workshop of the ECMM/ISHAM Working Group on Zygomycetes and Zygomycoses on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 April, 2013